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Financial software development

Our expertise

We provide custom software solutions and related services to financial and fintech organizations, including banks, credit unions, and all types of enterprises that look to establish effective, digitally-enabled financial processes.

Fintech software development

We create financial software from scratch as well as enhance deployed solutions or their components.

Fintech software integration

We make financial solutions part of bigger software ecosystems or integrate them with third-party systems.

Fintech software security and compliance

We ensure the stable operation and protection of financial systems along with the data they process.

Our financial software solutions

Itransition’s team delivers tailored solutions to automate organizations’ financial workflows and provide end customers with smart and secure financial applications for individual use.

Corporate finance

We develop fintech software solutions integrated with corporate infrastructures and enterprise systems to consolidate financial data, automate its management, and provide accurate information for decision-making.

  • Management of accounts payable and receivable
  • Invoice processing
  • Payroll management
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Expense and revenue management
  • Tax payment processing
  • Financial risk management

Personal finance

We build solutions that enable end users to manage and organize their personal finances, track spending behavior, monitor daily expenses, review and forecast savings, as well as set up reasonable and transparent financial goals.

  • Monitoring and optimization of personal expenses
  • Personal budget analysis
  • Budget estimation and planning
  • Smart advisors and recommendations
  • Real-time reports and built-in analytics
  • Financial notifications and alerts

Fintech software development

Throughout the years of our collaboration with businesses across different industries, we have built up a portfolio of financial software solutions that embraces a broadest range of financial processes and needs.

Investment management

We provide fintech software development services to deliver investment management solutions. They help financial institutions and hedge funds aggregate and process real-time market data, manage investment portfolios, analyze investment risks, and make decisions on the optimal investment time and amount.

Market data management

Itransition builds solutions that aggregate and visualize real-time and historical market, stock and brokerage data from leading data providers and exchanges, to get a unified data view and analyze it from a single source.

Investment portfolio management

We deliver solutions that help create, synchronize, manage, and analyze investment portfolios and asset classes from centralized hubs equipped with the following features:

  • Alerts and notification

    Get alerts when a stock hits certain targets: entry and exit alerts, alerts for trending ups, downs or sideways.

  • Investment calculator

    Сalculate stock volatility, investment amounts and risks relying on up-to-date stock prices, portfolio size, and risk tolerance.

  • Portfolio optimization

    Forecast stock behavior, rebalance risks, and optimize portfolios with deep learning algorithms implemented by Itransition.

  • Stock tracking

    Track and analyze stock behavior, both within and out of the investment portfolio.


Artificial intelligence for trading

Combining data mining, deep learning, and machine learning, we create AI-powered trading platforms to analyze massive amounts of financial data, predict stock fluctuations, assess stock-related risks and volatility, and provide recommendations on trading and investment strategies.

  • Forecasts and recommendations on stocks, bonds, and commodities based on machine learning to evaluate available investment options and refine the portfolio
  • Behavioral segmentation and clustering to analyze individual data, objectives, and expectations, and identify a personalized investment strategy
  • AI-based models for algorithmic trading based on analysis of global data and trends, market prices, and corporate accounting results
  • Pattern recognition and deep learning to analyze financial market data, evaluate the portfolio, predict volatility, and rebalance risks for each portfolio item
  • AI-powered cognitive assistants to recommend well-grounded trading decisions on stock purchase and sales, forecast volatility, join or pull out of the trading process at the best moment
  • Continuous aggregation, analysis and assessment of traders’ activities to reveal and block suspicious trades and events

Billing & payment solutions

We are a fintech software development company that delivers solutions supporting full-cycle billing and payment workflows, along with providing detailed transaction statistics and reporting. We also help enterprises implement mobile billing and payment solutions, to help them run their business effectively across all devices.

  • Payment processing

  • Credit card processing

  • Billing scheduling

  • Overdue statements

  • Recurring and subscription payments

  • International remittance

  • Partial payments

  • Diverse invoice types

  • Tax calculations

  • Invoice tracking

  • Payment reminders

  • Invoicing of several entities

  • Multi-currency invoices

  • Calculation of charges

Mobile payments
  • Contactless payments

  • Mobile point?of?sales

  • Online payments

  • Self-service kiosks

  • Peer-to-peer payments

  • Money transfer applications

  • Loyalty applications

  • Mobile wallets

Financial analytics

As part of financial software development, Itransition configures and deploys scalable and secure data warehouses, OLAP analysis, and artificial intelligence algorithms to aggregate, sort out and analyze a vast amount of historical and real-time financial data from disparate sources.

Financial reporting

Automated aggregation of financial data in a single tool with interactive dashboards, data visualization, and end-to-end workflows.

  • Income statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Statements of changes in equity
financial analytics

Predictive analytics

Using the strengths of data mining and machine learning, as well as applying classification, regression, and clustering, we create algorithms that can predict global financial market trends and potential business outcomes equally well.

  • Profitability analysis and modeling to define most effective products, services, and sales channels, as well as estimate business growth potential
  • Planning and budgeting with what-if analysis to test assumptions and predict the impact of changes
  • Investment recommendations and portfolio optimization based on deep learning
  • Identification of fraudulent activities and transactions based on pattern recognition and anomaly detection

Fraud management

We develop fraud detection solutions that can continuously record and inspect transaction details, analyze behavioral patterns, distinguish real threats among millions of events to block malicious actors in real time.

  • Detect violations and potential threats within scattered events with AI-based models
  • Take immediate actions against suspicious behaviors
  • Discover and eliminate fraudulent activities by reviewing historical data

Omnichannel payment options

We implement LE beacons, NFC, and HCE technologies, integrate back-offices with digital signage, self-service kiosks, POS and mobile apps to support multiple payment types, such as credit, debit, prepaid and contactless cards, web and mobile payments, loyalty cards, and ecommerce payments.

Credit & debit cards
Prepaid cards
Contactless payments
Mobile payments
Ecommerce payments
Loyalty cards
POS terminals
Self-service kiosks
Payment options

Mobile banking & self-service portals

  • Account management with balance and transaction history
  • Customized personal dashboards
  • Account and security alerts, payment reminders
  • Personalized location-based offerings
  • Money transfer and payments
  • Payment scheduling
  • Mobile RDC
  • Loyalty programs

Integration with third-party payment gateways

We utilize ready-made APIs and create custom connectors to integrate financial software with third-party payment gateways and provide end users with protected and easy-to-use payment channels.